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Building History

Welcome to Lowcountry Barbershop, formerly Buck’s grocery.  Henry W. H. Buck, a German grocer, built the two and one half, wooden store and residence here in the early 1850’s. Buck was an ardent horseman who raced horses on Wagener’s Racetrack at the grove (present day Hampton Park). He was a city alderman, 1883-1887 and 1896-1901, and commissioner of the Murray Boulevard Project.

Except for the Civil War years during which he was a Confederate soldier, it operated until his death in 1902. He then was succeeded by his son, Henry W. H. Buck, and the business grew to a four horse and wagon delivery service. Henry W.H. Buck was an Alderman from 1904-1919.

At his death in 1923, the business was bought by daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. W. Edward Ruus. Mrs. Lucille Buck Ruus was a riding instructor at Ashley Hall School for 25 years and a former judge of horse shows. She also drove an ambulance for the American Red Cross during World War I.

In 1960, H. Buck & Son, Charleston’s oldest family grocery, closed its doors.

During the years from 1960 thru 2009 the store had miscellaneous uses; grocery, hair salon, frame shop, and is now the home of Lowcountry Barbershop.

As you enter the shop the large room was the original store. The rooms to the left of the main room were verandas. The floors in the main shop have been replaced, but the present floors have been milled from antique timbers to duplicate the original.

The fireplace in the main room was damaged during the earthquake of 1886 and was reinforced by an earthquake bolt.

To the left of the fireplace stands the grocery store icebox which now serves as a retail display center. In the shampoo room, the oak bin used for soiled towels was once a grain bin. The shop still contains the original safe and butcher block that was in the grocery store.

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